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Create Unique Memorials

Memorials are created as a symbol of love and celebration of memories. Remember you are buying a memorial out of love and not based on the money you spend. Do not cut corners and compromise on the quality of the memorial.The difference between a good, better and best is fractional when you compare the prices over the life time of the headstone.

Do not let anyone nickel and dime you over the finish - With new advanced processing equipments, it takes just the same or a little more effort to create an all polished memorial compared to a 2 sides polished monument. We do not charge any more for an all sides polished monument.

Make It Unique - The only way you can make the memorial unique is to spend time on the design and create something the reflects the person and what they meant during their lifetime.

We encourage you to create a unique memorial by adding relevant information on the headstone, adding a portrait or a collage of pictures, adding a favorite verse or a poem that they like or even better etch something that is written in their own hand writing.

The extent of customization on a memorial is limited only by your imagination.