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Flush Markers

Other Names : Grassmarkers, Burial Markers, Tombstone Markers, Grave Markers, Memorial Markers, Flat Markers

Flat markers are the simplest and least expensive of all memorials. Usually flat markers are rectangle in shape. Unique memorials can be created by choosing special cut designs.

Most cemeteries regulate the size, finish, color and sometimes design engraved on the markers. Cemeteries that have exclusive flat markers section may sometimes require only a flat marker for flat marker sections. This helps create a park like setting that is easy to mow. Flat markers are set flat and flush to the ground, usually on a concrete pad foundation.

Usually single markers are 20 to 36 inches long and 10 to 18 inches wide. Double markers are 24 to 60 inches long and 12 to 20 inches wide. 4" thickness is recommended to withstand the weight of a lawn mower. However if cost is a concern 3" or 2" markers are also available.

Flush markers are available in all the 4 standard color. If you prefer other colors, call us and we'll get you more details.