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Laser Etching

Similar to sand blasting laser etching is a process by which polished surface of the granite is removed at areas that need lighter shades. Unlike sand blasting, laser etching process can be used for create finer details. Laser etching can be done on any stone, however it is visible only on a dark and consistent colored stone like a Jet Black material. Jet black granite or marble is the best suited material for laser etching. Flash black can be used, however the quality of etching will second only to Jet black.

Laser etching can produce realistic photo like images just like a conventional laser printer. In a conventional printer black ink is applied to a white (paper) surface. In a granite laser etching process it is the other way round. Black (polished area) is removed from the dark surface to expose the lighter contrast (unpolished) shade.

A photo realistic layout is created by our expert multimedia designers using state-of-the-art multimedia design tools. We use a proprietary combination of software and hardware to achieve the industry's best quality output when it comes to laser etching.

Finished laser etching layouts are processed into machine readable format and fed into a laser etching machine. Our laser etching infrastructure is one of the largest in the world.

What can be etched using laser ?

  • Any dark material- In granite a dark and consistent material like our Jet Black is recommended for high quality output.
  • Any artwork, lettering, pictures that don’t have be to done deeper than 1/16".

What cannot be etched using laser ?

  • Any light color granite material- like gray .
  • Details that need to be cut deeper- This can only be achieved with sand blasting
  • Shape carving work like sculpting or carving roses- Achieved only with sand blasting.
laser etching