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Sculpting is the ultimate personalization option available. Life like statues are made to complement the monument. A monument may be just a sculpting by itself or a part of several other pieces. Sculpting adds a premium outlook to the monuments.

Sculpting granite is a time consuming and labor intensive process. The quality of a sculpture depends on the person sculpting. Pneumatic power tools are used in carving. A well trained master craftsman knows how to bring out the details and make the sculpture life like. It usually takes about 20 to 25 years of experience for a master craftsman to create art that is life like.

For us, it takes about 90 man hours involving at least 3 different master craftsmen to sculpt a 3 ft life like religious statues. Customization options are limitless with sculpting. Real life like statues of individuals can be sculpted using multiple pictures from various visual angels or with a video shot.

Manufacturing Process
  • Once we finalize the design concept, we require good quality pictures and videos of the individual.
  • We make molds out of clay to show exactly how we understood the features. Molds will be shipped out to you for approval.
  • You may ask for any changes. With each change we will make a new mold and send it out for approval.
  • Once the mold is approved, we will sculpt the monument to the exact specifications of the mold.
  • Statues can also be done in Marble and Bronze.
  • Statues are sculpted in marble similar to the process with granite.
  • Bronze statues are made by casting molten bronze in a mold that is made to resemble the requirement.