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Know The Monument Basics

Before you buy a monument, we recommend you to be educated with the monument industry standards and basics about the headstones. Price of a monument is based on the type, granite material, size and model.

Common industry practice is that the price varies based on the number of letters or artwork needed on the tombstone and also the finish (whether the edges are polished, sawn or left out as a natural rock finish). We do not price based on the number of letters that you use. In fact we encourage you do add as many details to the memorial as you chose to, so that you can customize and make it as unique as the person themselves.

Our price is all the same, no matter what you want engraved on the surface. Similarly our price is all the same no matter what kind of a finish you chose. An all sides polished monument is priced the same as a 2 sides polished monument with rock edge remaining sides.

Types of Monuments


Depending on the type of the headstone the design is as simple as a flat slab with polished surfaces and rock pitched edges to a complex sculpting style with custom sculpting.

Lettering process

Depending on the type of stone and the material, sand blasting or laser etching or both can be used on the memorial. We charge one low price for all artwork for one process. If you chose to have both the process there is one upgrade fee that covers any and all artwork, pictures, and lettering.


Always go for memorial products that are made of materials that can withstand the elements– Like granite, bronze or stainless steel. Although memorials and accessories are available in marble, aluminum and even plastic, we do not recommend them as they will deteriorate due to the effects of the elements.