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Headstones are available in a variety of different models, shapes, colors and sizes. Various accessories are available for the monuments. Granite Vases, Porcelain Pictures, Flowers, Flower Saddles, Flag Holders, Flag Cases are the most popular type of accessories.

Grassmarkers are also called as Gravemarkers, Tombstone Markers, Burial Markers, Flush Gravemarker, Flat Headstone. Usually Grassmarkers are set flush to the ground so that it will be easy to mow the cemetery. Standard size of a single gravemarker is 24" long, 12" wide and 4" thick. Standard size of a double gravemarker is 48" long, 12" wide and 4" thick.

Bronze Memorial Markers Alternate names- Flat Bronze Headstone, Bronze Memorial, Bronze Memorial plaques or a Bronze Monument. Bronze can be used as a option for adult headstones, Baby Memorials, Infant Tombstones and Pet gravemarkers.

Beveled Gravemarkers are known as Beveled Headstone, Pillow Tombstone, Bevel Gravemarker or a Hickey Burial Marker. Usually Bevel gravemarker is set on top of a foundation and slant from the top to the bottom.

Slant Gravemarkers or mini head stone or slanting tomb stone. This is similar to an upright monument, but shorter and thicker. Slant Markers are set on a foundation at the cemetery plot.

Pet Markers are also called as Pet Gravemarkers, Pet Tombstones, Pet Headstones, Pet Burial Markers, Pet Memorial stones. We have standard memorials that are flat as well as special cut memorials in the shape of a bone, dog house and much more.

Upright Headstones are the most common type of monuments. Also known as Upright Memorials, Upright Tombstones or Upright Head stones. There are various shapes to a Upright Monument. The most common type is a serp top monument (serpentine top)

Bench Memorials are becoming popular now. Also goes by Bench Monuments, Garden Benches, Memorial Benches. A Bench Monument works as a memorial as well as a place to sit and reflect upon the memories, for the loved ones.

Other memorial products Mausoleums, Family Estate Castles, Cremation Monuments, Memorial Plaques, Porcelain Pictures, Cremation Urns and Memorial Keepsakes are the other common memorial products.

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