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Cremation Memorials

Cremation rate in the country has been on the rise due to a lot of factors. The primary factor is the cost of traditional burial funeral. Cremation is simpler and considered echo friendly. There are various options when it comes to cremation memorials from a simple Urn to elaborate estate memorial construction.


After cremation, ashes are stored in sealed containers called urns. Durable and long lasting urns are made of granite, bronze and stainless steel.

Cremation Memorial Bench

Cremation memorial benches have cremation chambers where the cremated remains can be permanently stored and sealed. The visible areas of the bench can be used to engrave names, dates, pictures, artwork and other details about the loved ones. Using a bench memorial avoid spending on the urns to store the cremains.

Cremation Upright Monuments

Any upright monument can be used as a cremation upright monument. The bottom base will have a cremation chamber in the bottom surface that sits on the concrete foundation. Upright monuments can also be used for one burial and one cremation option or for both cremation options.

Cremation Flat Gravemarkers

Flat markers – Flush grave markers can also be used as cremation markers. The remains are placed in a protective container and attached to the grave marker. Flush cremation markers are made of granite or bronze.

Cremation Rock Markers

Natural rock shape granite pieces that have cremation chambers drilled in the bottom can be used as a cremation rock marker. This type is also call back to the nature memorial. These rocks blend into the natural settings without altering the surroundings in any way.

Columbarium Niches

Columbarium niches are available as single as well as companion options. Usually columbarium niches are available in memorial parks and cemeteries.

Our parent company grassmarkers has extensive collection of cremation memorial designs. Click here to be redirected to the site with plenty of design and project information for cremation memorial options.

Cremation Memorials
Cremation Memorials
Cremation Memorials
Cremation Memorials